12 November 2008

Wednesday's treatment

Well, today couldn't have gone much better. I was in and out in less than 2 hours. No excess waiting for the medical stuff anywhere. But then I had to wait out front for Abbey to get me. We weren't expecting me to be done so soon, so she hadn't planned on arriving before 11:30.

We had a lovely lunch at Wild Flour Bistro. Started with a brie and shrimp appetiser. I think I like the apricot version better, but this was an interesting change. Then I had a mixed green salad with peanut pepper dressing and crab cakes. Abbey had spinach salad with garlic vinaigrette and an excellent tortellini. I am so glad we got to go.

After that we went to Costco. The list wasn't too long, but of course we got a few extras. The pomegranates were huge and beautiful, so we HAD to get a box of those. Drove through Starbucks and got some coffee as a pick-me-up, then off to Hobby Lobby.

I had three pieces that needed framing, so that I can display them. One is a vintage ad that features a children's dish in my collection that is from 1931. Another is a signed and numbered poster by Ms Bea that she donated to all the attendees at the HLCCA conference this past summer. I wasn't able to attend, but a friend sent me his. And the third is watercolour and ink art work, by another friend, Joy Eliz, that features friends, Fiesta and coffee. I haven't seen pics of anyone getting their conference posters framed, but I love the colours of the mat and frame I picked out for mine. It's going to look so happy and wild.

They told me it would likely be 1 December before the framing is done, but will call me as soon as they are finished. Now that I have taken them, I am anxious to get them home and on the walls. LOL.

Then I got home and crashed. I've slept for about 5 hours I think. I'm about to muster up enough energy to go find the rest of my family and see what they may have done about food. I think it's too late to make more bread soup bowls tonight.
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Once Upon a Plate said...

Becky, I'm so happy to hear your treatment went smoothly today and especially happy that you were able to enjoy some 'girlie' time with your daughter afterwards. That made me smile. :)

I hope you'll share your framed artwork after you pick it up, it sounds beautiful.
The vintage advertisement from 1931 featuring your children's dish has piqued my interest.
How generous of your friend to send you Ms Bea's signed and numbered poster!
The Friends, Fiesta and coffee sounds especially interesting. I would love to see the mat and frame you chose.

What a fun pictorial!
Your soup in bread bowls looked so good ~ kudos to your dear daughter.

I seem to have completely overlooked that bread recipe in my book, so thank you for pointing it out.

I am a fan of Crescent Dragonwagon, but again, I haven't tried that particular recipe yet. (I hope to, very soon.)

Sending you cyber hugs, and strong, positive healing thoughts. xo

Becky said...

Thanks Mary. It was a relief today to see how easily a treatment can go. Makes it easier to contemplate future ones, you know?

Abbey & I had the best time today. If I hadn't totally run out of energy by the time we got done at Hobby Lobby, we had intended to hit TJ Maxx, too. Ah well. Something for another day. I will definitely share pictures of the artwork when I get it back. Haven't hung anything new in a while and I'm excited about these works.

I was better at making photos of the bread/soup experience than I was at cooking after cutting my finger. And I am thrilled at DD#2's interest in taking charge of food. Have you made Summer Jo's Herb Rolls lately? Those are on our favourites list, and I'm thinking of suggesting those to her as a bread for her to try soon.

If you try the soup, LMK what you think of the olives in it. They seemed kind of superfluous to me - maybe even a distraction that didn't really fit. But with the treatments my taste is off, so I may be missing something right now. Currently my inclination is that next time I make this I will just leave them out.

Positive healing thoughts are greatly appreciated. I know how much they help and I thank you for sending them.