14 November 2008

Dinner on Thursday night

So we've seen all the recipes and most of the photos of last night's dinner, but here are a few final ones. Our full menu:

White Wine and Garlic Rotisserie Chicken from Fresh Market
Crash Hot Potatoes
Herbed Roast Onions
Shredded Brussels Sprouts
Pomegranate Ice Cream

The table not quite completely set - with post-86 Fiesta in Sunflower and Scarlet, yellow Revol chicken dish, vintage Harlequin Yellow Betty Crocker bowl, vintage tablecloth, Cityscape flatware, Riedel pink flute, bakelite napkin rings and new napkins from BB&B

The lovely Revol chicken dish holding the Crash Hot Potatoes on the bottom and the Rotisserie Chicken on the top.

And here it is on the table with a vintage tablecloth

The whole dinner plated (on Scarlet Fiesta)

A meal we all enjoyed and it was so nice to have a real meal that we could sit down together and eat. It has always been a big deal here to have dinner together. MDS has made that difficult lately, so I am thrilled when we can make it work out. Couldn't do it without help from my spouse and DD's. They are the greatest!
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Anonymous said...

Looks very yummy and beautiful presentation! I love PW's crash hot potatoes too...we make those often.
: )

Becky said...

Thanks so much! Those potatoes are so versatile. And go well with Ina's onions.