18 November 2008

Hollywood's Most Handsome

Honestly, I would not have included most of these people.

25 Hottest Hunks in Hollywood

Three of them could make my short list:
1. George Clooney (still maintain we saw him on his Vespa in Como this summer.)
2. Will Smith (I've liked him ever since Fresh Prince.)
3. Anderson Cooper (Christopher, he's not still your secret love, is he? If so, I will give him up.)

The rest? Well, it's a good thing we all have different tastes or it would be a very boring world. But I started thinking of who would be on my all-time top 25? And I couldn't come up with 25!!! So here's my best stab at getting a top 10.

1. Robert Redford
2. Humphrey Bogart
3. Clark Gable
4. Cary Grant
5. Paul Neuman
6. Denzel Washington
7. Bing Crosby
8. Rock Hudson
9. George Clooney
10. Fred Astaire

Who would you rank as Hollywood's Handsome-ist?

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Christopher said...

Anderson and I broke up because he refused to come out of the closet. It was very sad, and we have not managed to remain friends. I started dating CNN's Jim King (of the Magic Wall) just to mess with his head.

That said, I disagree with much of this list as well. Hugh Jackman would be up there for me. Antonio Banderas as well, even though Melanie Griffith has nearly sucked the hot right out of him

Becky said...

I thought I remembered reading about the break-up, but I did not know about the thing with Jim King. Sounds like a plan. :-)