19 November 2008

Family health update

I talked with Mom today. She sounds a bit stronger. She has definitely decided to go to rehab when she's released from the hospital. It appears that will be Friday. An ambulance will take her from the hospital to the rehab centre. Family is only allowed to visit rehab between 4:00-8:00pm. Mom is a foodie and she's hoping that rehab does better than the hospital. But if not, we can at least make her dinner dining experience more pleasant. As a matter of fact, Sally did that today. While she was at Fresh Market shopping for me I told her Mom liked their deli tomato soup. When she got here with my bags, she brought a container of the soup which we heated and she took back in a thermos for Mom. This will only be for a week to 10 days and hopefully things will be going much better at the end of that time. So we are thinking positively.

Today I remained draggy all day. The only thing I really got done was to put away the groceries Sally brought. I didn't even feel like eating any of the rotisserie chicken she had gotten. Instead I had a bowl of Puffins cereal for dinner. Tomorrow I will be out of things all day, but will take my laptop with me in case I wake up and can check in on things.

DD#2 got worse today instead of better. It seems she is following Abbey's pattern with this virus. She's really upset about missing school and I hope she is better tomorrow, too.
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Anonymous said...

Hang in there Becky.

The best is yet to be!

God Bless & Be Well!

Maryann a.k.a.lauren