11 November 2008

Tuesday after treatment

When getting treatment in the long term area, you can't just walk back there anymore. You have to stop at the front desk, check-in, and you are given a beeper. One of those square ones like you get at a restaurant. I've never had to do that before. Then we wound up waiting about half an hour before I got called back.

Everything went smoothly except for connecting to the wifi. (For some reason the network was remaining hidden. Something VISTA does maybe? I do dislike this operating system.) I got through the whole bag of nausea medication before I got the connection figured out. Then they ran the Dacogen. All in all I was back there about 2 1/2 hours. My port is working great! I really wish I had gotten this put in at the beginning of the Vidaza, but hindsight is always perfect. And things went well enough that I was able to convince Mike that I can go to these treatments on my own. I hate for him to have to come sit up there 3-4 hours every day. Tomorrow he is going to drop me off and Abbey is going to pick me up. If I feel like it she and I are going to lunch at a neat little bistro we love, and then run by Costco. We need prosecco and cheese for sure. Not sure what else.

I decided I felt well enough to cook dinner tonight and I got started on that about 4:30. Dinner is going to be Bread Soup Bowls, from the Rosemary Bread recipe in Celebrate the Rain. I subbed thyme for the rosemary, though, because some people at my house are not as fond of rosemary as I am. The soup is Supreme of Chicken and Olive Soup Eureka from Crescent Dragonwagon's Dairy Hollow House Soup and Bread, A Country Inn Cookbook. I LOVE all her books. The breadmaker is sometimes a lifesaver. I got the dough started in it before beginning the soup.

DD#2 is really doing the soup making with a bit of supervision. I started out chopping the veggies and should not have. I knew I was beginning to feel pretty weak and the knife slipped and cut my finger. Took about 10 minutes to get it to stop bleeding because of my low platelets. This was DD's first time to shape and bake yeast dough, so they don't necessarily look like they came from a bakery, but she's having a lot of fun learning these new things. And I know it's going to taste delicious!

I've been making photos and will post the recipes and photos after dinner, if I am not too tired. I really am feeling pretty wiped out now.
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Maria (upstate) said...


It certainly sounds as though you had a very full day. Isn't the med port fantastic? I got mine in June (Power Port) and use is exclusively for chemo. I also discovered that if the nurse uses a smaller needle, the entire procedure is relatively pain free and fairly comfortable.

Take care, dear friend.

Maria (upstate)

Southerncook said...

Becky, I have been so wrapped up in the mundane things going on in my life for the past few weeks that I have not communicated with you or posted here. Please know that you are in my thoughts and prayers daily. {{HUGS}} to you and I hope that you and DD get to enjoy your lunch out tomorrow after your treatment. Carolyn

Becky said...

Maria, it was indeed a busy day! Thanks so much for the heads-up about the size of the needle. I will be sure to mention that. I know when I get tranfusions they try to use the smallest needle possible. But I'm not sure what they do in the long term treatment area. {{{Hugs}}} to you this week, too.

Carolyn, I'm just amazed at how you are juggling everything. Your kitchen is going to be so fabulous and I look forward to seeing more photos. Thank you for continuing to remember me. I appreciate it so much. Except for being tired from lack of sleep, I don't seem to be doing too badly. Just a little short of breath. So I'm keeping my fingers crossed for the lunch with Abbey. The bistro is just around the corner from where I get my treatments, so unless I get sick while I'm there, we should be good for lunch.