08 November 2008

Saturday morning sunshine & a day to cook

After waking up to pouring rain yesterday, it was a surprise to wake up to sunshine this morning. But it's going to be much cooler. It's been in the upper 70s all week, but today's high is only predicted at 62°.

Yesterday Abbey and I had a great time at the holiday cooking demonstration. And we did get the recipes. One of the appetisers was the Marinated Olives from Mezza Luna. Mom loves those, so I'm glad we can now make them at home. Personally I liked the marinated beets the best. And the chef gave us some interesting ideas on other ways to use them, than as just cold as a salad or appetiser. One was heating them up and serving a piece of grilled chicken on top with rice or polenta on the side. He also said we could stir it into a risotto. Not sure I would really like that. When we were in Italy this summer we had a risotto made with red wine and I wasn't really stuck on the colour. It seems to me a risotto with beets might look similar to that.

As I have woken up feeling better today, I am thinking I will try to catch up on cooking with Barefoot Bloggers and the Christmas Cookie Bake-Along. And then there's a Soup Cook Along that I haven't really done anything with because the weather was too hot. Tonight might need to be a soup night. So many choices, so little time! Really, as far as cooking goes, the main thing I have to think about this weekend is Cassoulet. DD#2 and I shall make that tomorrow so she will have it for Monday's French Food Night.

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RainbowDishes said...

Please share the recipe for the marinated olives...YUMMY! I love them and marinated beets both! Or if you don't wish to share it on here, can you email it to me? :)

Glad you were feeling better today. Very nice that you and your daughter got to spend some quality time together doing something fun.

papa said...

So glad you are feeling better today!

Marinated olives?? Sounds interesting! I would be interested in hearing about those too! The beets tho....never was a big fan of beets....I will eat them if they are on the table but never really liked them,except for the few times mom made her own pickled beets! She only made them a couple of times because my family revolted at the thought of veggies on the table when I was growing up! I love veggies in most forms now but don't know how to make most of them interesting! (I have never run across mom's beet recipe, that was probably one of those "in her head" recipes!)

RainbowDishes said...

My mom always bought pickled beets in a jar (never in a can, they don't taste the same). My mom wasn't a great cook, but she got by. One thing we always had though was at least 1 vegetable with each meal. I hated them then, but I love them now.

Becky said...

Craig, you are so right about things in cans tasting different than things in jars! We always had vegetables with our meals as my grandfather gardened. That produce was a mainstay for us. But I too, love veggies even more now than I did as a child.

Papa, I've posted the marinated olives as well as my Mom's recipe for citrus spiced mixed olives and the roasted beet salad.

I LOVE roasted beets. They are so different in taste from boiled beets. It's amazing. The raasting really concentrates the sugars and the flavour of the beets. Give them a try sometime.