30 November 2008

rainy Sunday morning & Fiesta Christmas mugs

I've been awake since around 2:00a and have been sitting here all this time listening to rain on the skylight. You'd think that would make a person sleepy, but no such luck. During this non-sleeping time I got out all the Fiesta Christmas mugs and put them in the dishwasher. (Slow work having to do it all one handed.) This morning they will replace the regular stash of mugs until 12th Night. My project with these is to figure out how many different Fiesta Christmas mugs there are and which ones I am missing.

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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Becky, I have you to thank for my new fiesta collection - well the beginning of a collection. By your pictures of your dishes I began to love Fiesta. For my birthday in September, Rick got me 6 different Fiesta dinner plates. I was so excited. For Christmas I have put down on my wish list for my family, different color fiesta salad plates, bowls, etc.

Thanks so much for sharing everything you do with us.

You are in my thoughts and prayers always.