26 November 2008

late Wednesday medical update

Warning. This is gross.

My counts still don't look good. Whites remain at 0.0 so no immune system at all. I wound up staying at the doc's until 1:30 getting 2 units of red cells and one of platelets. When the nurse disconnected me from the needle, tubing, etc, she asked me had I been having any drainage from the port. Well, no. I haven't had any white cells so nothing to form any pus or other yuk stuff to drain. Well, she said it was draining and she milked it for all she could remove. That really hurt and brought tears to my eyes several times, but a fair amount of stuff came out. She says this is a good thing. And I guess it is good because I must be having a few white cells being produced now. They sent me home with several gauze pads taped over the area. And also a supply of gauze pads so that I can help it drain till I get back to the doc. Duh. Help it drain? Not me. I asked Mike if he will do it for me. He doesn't pass out at the sight of such things.

There are no blood transfusions scheduled for Friday. The outpatient sites are closed so I would have to do a 23 hour admit to the hospital. And I need to avoid hospitals. There are sick people there. I will see my doc early Friday morning to check blood counts and let him look at the port site again. They drew on me today to mark the outer area of the redness. On Friday they will see if the redness has receded at all. Because of no immune system the doc doubled my dose of Omnicef. I'm now on 300mg of that twice a day for the next 7 days. Keeping my fingers crossed that this will work. In the meanwhile I seem to be getting a yeast infection in my mouth. That's from all the antibiotics. I have drugs for that already. And it needs to be under control. Hard to eat with that kind of infection and tomorrow is the #1 food day of the year!

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