01 November 2008

Countdown to Turkey Day - 26 days

In some ways this year seems to really be speeding along. And some days I feel as if I'm sitting on the sidelines watching it go by. Yesterday I was pretty tired and for the first time in I don't know when, I did not dress up for Halloween. As a matter of fact, I never even got dressed until it was time to pass out candy. Then I got back in my sleepy clothes. This morning I woke up not feeling too well - scratchy throat and stuff. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that I will be well enough to go to Urinetown this afternoon.

So now Halloween is past and Thanksgiving is coming up in just 26 more days. No clue as to what we will do. I'm thinking something low-key in town and then on the Friday after going out to the farm for a couple of days. We shall see. Between dealing with the MDS and the show schedule we didn't decorate for Halloween. The good thing about this is that there's nothing to have to pack and put away today. The last show is tomorrow, so I'm hoping then I can supervise getting out autumn decorations and dishes. But every day seems to be a wait and see.

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