03 November 2008

Monday medical 11- 03

This morning I go get lab tests and then see my doc to discuss when I will start the new drug - Dacogen. Dacogen is more toxic than Vidaza, but it has more studies done with it as it has been around a bit longer. It's normal schedule is 5 days on, skip three weeks, 5 days on, etc. I've looked at the calendar, and in order to avoid having treatment weeks be on Thanksgiving, Christmas & New Year's, I will need to start either on the 10th or the 17th.

I haven't decided for sure yet which to choose. On the one hand I'd like to wait till the 17th to give my bone marrow a little more of a rest from the Vidaza and see how my counts do. (I've been doing a lot of alternative things, including going to see John of God last month.) On the other hand, if I start the 17th and am still taking this in March, I'll be scheduled for a treatment the week of Interim. DD#2 will be in NYC the first few days of that week on a theatre trip, but she was hoping that she and I could go back to NOLA at the end of Interim and stay through Spring Break. We did that last year and had the best time! She's a foodie for sure and loves trying out different things to eat and new restaurants. I guess I will make up my mind by the time I get to my appointment.

My doc deliberately did not set me up for type and cross this morning. He said he was taking a page out of my book and thinking positively. I am definitely keeping my fingers crossed, as I'd love to not get stuck again, nor have to get a transfusion.
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Anonymous said...

I am interested in know if the Vidaza works better than the dacogen. Let us know


Becky said...

Hi. I already used Vidaza and it did not work at all for me. I will start on Dacogen next week if all goes well.

JudiRedhead said...

Becky, I believe that was a comment from Buzz.

Becky said...

Hi Buzz. Thanks for your message. I'm really hoping the Dacogen works better! Thinking positively, you know. I'll post updates.

Francie said...

Becky, I really enjoy your blog and appreciate your sharing what's going on. I will be thinking very positively for you.