19 November 2008

Medical update - Wednesday 11-19

Wow. I have totally lost a day. Went to the doc yesterday morning. My counts have crashed again. Whites are down to 0.0 without even an inkling of a positive percentage, so I'm back to avoiding anyone who might even think about being ill. At this rate I might really have to be in a bubble. He also checked my shoulder because it's so sore all over more than a week after the surgery and decided I am likely to have an infection. Because I have no white count, this wouldn't show up like an infection in normal people. I'm on 10 days of Levoquin for that. And still have Lortab for the pain. (Sometimes it seems ironic that I avoided Western medicine for so many years and now am totally dependent on it. At least I'm not immune to the medications that I need. There is a place for all sorts of medical traditions and some are more useful for certain situations than others.)

Yesterday I had to get a platelet transfusion. Tomorrow I have to go back and get transfusions of two units of red cells and one of platelets. Monday I have to get another unit of platelets and then the day before Thanksgiving will get two more units of red cells and one of platelets. Good thing I hadn't made a lot of plans preparing for the holiday, as this uses up four days.

The lab was able to get me some platelets relatively early yesterday, so I was actually home by 1:00, but I just totally crashed when I got here. Normally I sleep through the transfusion and then the rest of the day afterwards. So maybe my sleep schedule from last week is finally sorted out here. It's nearly 6:00a on Wednesday and I have pretty much slept the whole time since I got home yesterday. I woke up briefly a few times, but was really groggy and not able to focus very well. Of course, I had a Lortab somewhere in there, too.

Today I will rethink what we will do for the holiday. DD#2 stayed home sick on Monday, then Mike brought her home shortly after I got home yesterday. She seemed to be feeling a little better last night, but nowhere near normal. (Usual stuff kids get - sore throat, headache, etc. Lots of kids in her class are out.) Abbey has the same thing, but she's finishing up school and studying for finals that start next week. My Mom is still in the hospital. I remember my sister calling yesterday afternoon, but I need to get back with her and clarify what she said. I believe she told me Mom won't be coming directly home with her from the hospital, but will be going to stay in re-hab for a week to 10 days. That will include Thanksgiving. Cornish game hens, rather than a turkey are sounding pretty good right now. Or maybe we will do a Pacific Northwest style feast and have a side of salmon. We shall see.

I'm still feeling a bit draggy, but that should improve as the day continues.

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Anonymous said...


Keep the faith my friend. I will pray that the new drug shows positive effects soon and you will heal painlessly and completely. I will say a strong healing prayer for you today as always.


bakinbits said...

(((Heakubg Hugs)))to you, Becky dear. Regina

bakinbits said...

I don't know how to correct what I wrote, Becky -- duhhhh....but, of course, it was supposed to be Healing Hugs to YOU!!!!

Sharon said...


Do you have a mask you can wear when your counts are nil? That helped my MIL especially during cold and flu season.

Hoping your counts start to rise and that you can enjoy some of the holiday with your family.

Hang in there and know that we are all praying for you.


Maria (upstate) said...


Big hugs to you, dear friend. Stay strong!

Becky said...

Dear friends, thank you all so much! I so appreciate all of your love and support.

Sharon, I do have a mask they gave me while I was in the hospital. I'd forgotten about that so thanks for the reminder.