29 November 2008

Late Saturday health update

Warning: more gross stuff.

Well my shoulder feels much better at the moment. I fell asleep sitting here on the sofa a few hours ago. I had the heating pad on my shoulder, was wrapped in my prayer shawl, had an afghan over my lap and my laptop sitting on that. I woke up about an hour ago feeling very hot. Imagine that. My temp read 101°. Before panicking I decided to get rid of all the heat producing and encapsulating things and drink some water. That was a good plan, as now my temp is 99.5°. And I didn't cheat! We have a forehead scan thermometer.

I had wanted to sort dishes this weekend and get one of the dining room cabinets rearranged. Plus I need to swap out all the regular Fiesta mugs for the Christmas mugs. I'd been working on that after lunch, if you can call playing with dishes working. Mostly I'd been looking at the different Christmas mugs. When I cooled off, I started opening mug boxes. Then I noticed a dark wet patch on my tee shirt. (And it's my House, MD shirt, too. Must be some irony in that.) Dear oh dear. I knew what that was. And I don't do so well with blood. Mike, my hero, to the rescue.

We have a nice big ottoman in our bathroom, so I sat on that while he got out gauze pads, alcohol, and such. He didn't want to do the actual pressing, cause he didn't want to hurt me, and thought I could control that better. So he watched while I pressed. I looked the other way! A good bit of bloody, nasty junk came out of the port while I was gently pressing. When the pressing was not getting any more out, I quit. Then we cleaned it with alcohol, and covered the wound with a gauze pad. That really did relieve pressure. I can move my arm some now without causing pain. This is a good thing. And it's a very good thing to know I'm making white cells. That has really been worrisome.

I've taken anther Lortab or maybe it's Lorcet, and when it kicks in I want to go play with dishes some more. Haven't seen the Christmas ones in a year.

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Anonymous said...

I pray that you are feeling better and that things improve for you.

Hugs and Prayers,


Hilary said...

Hope you are improving on this rainy Sunday afternoon and enjoying playing with your dishes in less pain.

Your Thanksgiving photos are lovely.

Healing thoughts and prayers continue for you Becky.