15 November 2008

Slow, grey Saturday

It rained most of Friday night here. I know this because I was awake from the steroids. The medical folks say this is normal, and I did finally drop off to sleep around 4:30am. Maybe in a couple of more days the sleep schedule will be back to a more user friendly one. It also rained here all Thursday night. When we went to the doc yesterday I noticed that many of the leaves that were on the trees are now on the ground. Here at the house our driveway, yard and deck are covered with a blanket in shades of various browns and yellows. While it's not raining now, the sky is still grey.

Our DDs are having a sisters day that began yesterday, starting with pick-up from school. We won't see either of them until late this afternoon. Mike is doing paperwork and I have finally woken enough to read blogs, boards, etc. Might even get enough energy to cook something. Actually, I need to cook something. This week's CSA veggie box has bunches of apples, so apple butter is on the list for today. My crockpot recipe is so easy and delicious I wonder why anyone ever has to buy this treat commercially prepared.

I've done a little blog housekeeping. Barefoot Bloggers now has our very own avatar, so I've put it as a clickable link on the top of my sidebar. Also divided my blog list into one for friends, and one for other blogs. I may try to do some more sidebar cleanup this weekend, too. I don't like the way all the tags list on a separate line for each, so will be checking around for some code to change that. Maybe I can get some help from a techie friend.

Off to face the day. And remember, it's less than two weeks til Thanksgiving!

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