24 November 2008

Monday's health update

Well look at the time! Once again the Benadryl knocked me out for the day. After Sally got me home I managed to stay awake long enough to buy a couple of things on eBay, but I've been asleep pretty much since noon. No holiday food prep got done today.

My port site still hurts and is red. I have limited range of motion with my shoulder. The doc thinks it looks slightly better and we will reassess it on Wednesday. I got O+ platelets today, but it took awhile for the blood bank to relase them. I was at the doc's from 8:30 to 11:30. Fortunately everything went smoothly and I had no adverse reactions. The nurse could not leave the line attached though, because of the infection, so I will have to get stuck again on Wednesday. I have to say that this morning's stick was one of the worst I've had. I got really light headed and had to do a little deep breathing. I'm sure that was due to the redness and aggravation of the site.

Sally and I did not have time to go out to lunch as she had to be at Mom's rehab by 12:15 for the family orientation. I'm still on the oral antibiotics and am set to have blood tests, see my doc, and get transfusions of 2 units of red cells and one of platelets on Wednesday. Tomorrow I have to see the surgeon for the follow-up visit for the port surgery. Any advance food prep for the holiday will need to get done tonight and tomorrow around the doctor visit.

Re: Mom. Today was her first full day of rehab. I called her a few minutes ago and she didn't sound too bad. The assistant was about to help her with her bath and such. But I talked with Sally. Mom did pretty well with the walking therapy this morning, but failed wheelchair therapy this afternoon. Now Mom has never used a wheelchair before on her own and they didn't give her any instruction. This was a group therapy session and she was the only "new" student. Maybe they didn't realise that. But I think she will do better tomorrow. And hopefully so shall we all.

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Mother Jones, RN said...

Benadryl is good stuff. Hope you feel better soon.