21 November 2008

Same song, second verse...

could be better, but it could be worse.

We went to my 12:30 appointment at the surgeon's only to find out he'd been called to an emergency surgery. Had to reschedule to next week. That still left me with this problem with the port - red & swollen. So, we went to my hematologist. Forgot to get my B12 shot yesterday, so I needed to go there anyway. When the nurse gave me that shot, I asked her to look at the port site. She did and immediately said I needed to see my doc. They did blood cultures (this requires drawing blood from two sites: the port and my arm). Then they hooked me up to an IV antibiotic. That took an hour or so. The doc changed my oral antibiotic from Levoquin to Omnicef which will hopefully work better against whatever this infection is. And I got VERY STRICT orders to watch my temp. If it gets to 100° I am supposed to call my doc's number and talk to whichever doc is on call (there are twelve and I know nine of them either professionally or socially). Tell him my whites are literally 0.0 and have him admit me to hospital ASAP.

So the good news is I am at home. I just have to be really careful. But that's OK. I have plenty of olives to keep me occupied! Not to mention Turkey Day prep!

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Sharon said...


Continued prayers for you. Hopefully they will get that port under control with the new meds. Call your doc immediately if your temp is 100 or above, it is so imperative that you been seen and admitted if you spike a temp.


Becky said...

Thanks Sharon. It is actually looking a little better this morning, even though it is still really sore. I'm afraid to take any chances, so will definitely be paying attention to my temperature.