24 November 2008

Monday of Holiday Week

Only a few days left to get the holiday food prep done.

I don't know what I will get done in that regard today. I had an early doctor appointment. Sally picked me up and came with me to that. I need a platelet transfusion and we're waiting for those now. My shoulder is still quite sore and the port site still red with some swelling. But the doc says we will reassess on Wednesday. Keeping my fingers crossed. If I get done in time, we are going out for a sisters lunch. How I'm supposed to eat with the mask on I haven't quite figured out. But something will come to mind, I'm sure.

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Sharon said...


I hope you get good news about your port soon. Eating with the mask is a pain. My friend Edith and I used to do the drive through sometimes when her count was really low which is not as fun, we also would sit in the back away from as many people as possible and she would take her mask off while she ate.

Keeping you in my prayers.

Erica said...

Hi Becky;

I hope that your port will be okay and the Doc gives you good news. I'll keep you in my prayers tonight.
Enjoy your lunch with your sister and let us know what you ordered.

hugs, Erica