17 November 2008

Surgery update...

My sister called and said Mom got through the procedure fine. The orthopedic surgeon said it all looked good and that she didn't lose too much blood. No transfusions necessary. He took the bone that he removed for the pin and sent it to be biopsied, just as a precaution. Mom will be in recovery for a while and Sally will call me when she gets moved to a room. I'm feeling much better about this now.
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Southerncook said...

Great news about your Mom. Will continue prayers for your Mom for a speedy recovery and also for you.

RainbowDishes said...

I am so glad your mom is doing okay. You and your mom are still in my prayers.

Becky said...

Thank you both so much! I actually spoke with her after she got to her room and she was in very good spirits. Kind of out of it, though.

Anonymous said...

Thank God!

Glad to hear she is in such good spirits too!

I'm sure she will be back
"in action" before you know it!

Smile..all will be well!

Maryann a.k.a. lauren
xo xo