14 November 2008

Friday medical - a long day

Today will be spent at the medical facility. This morning I have to see the CRNP, get nausea meds, a steroid, a Dacogen treatment and then get transfusions of two units of red cells. Before I leave one of the nurses will also remove the needle and pigtail line that have been in the port since Monday. And thank goodness for this port!!! They were even able to withdraw blood through it yesterday for my CBC & type and cross. That was wonderful. I'll have to check in by 8:30am. and probably won't get done before 4:00pm. Mike is planning to go with me, so if all is going well, he will likely be able to go out and get some lunch for us at some point.

As has become par this week (due to the surgery Monday and the steroids every day with the Dacogen) I am having hard time sleeping at night. I did sleep from around 11:00 yesterday morning until Mike woke me up when he got home from work. Then awake again all night. They will give me Benadryl with the transfusions, so I'll be snoozing through the afternoon again. I had taken a Lortab about 4:00 this morning as the port site was really bothering me, also hoping it would help make me sleepy, but no such luck. Guess I will resign myself to having my days and nights turned upside down for a bit.

Once again I want to take the opportunity to all who give blood. You truly do give the gift of life.
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Mother Jones, RN said...

I hope you get through your day without a hitch. Sending you love, good thoughts, and hugs.


Anonymous said...

I hope that you get through this very peacefully and it goes fast for you......so you can get home to your Family.

love.....and hugs.


Sharon (junefour) said...


Hope all goes well today. Warm thoughts and prayers for you.


mary said...

Thinking of you Becky~


Maria (upstate) said...

Hang in there Becky. I get IV Benadryl with my chemo too and it does make me nap. I'm also given IV anti-nausea medicine along with the steroid, Decadron. See if your doctor will prescribe Ambien; maybe it will help you sleep.

Thinking of you. Big hugs.

Becky said...

Thank you all so much! It was a very long day, but I am home and have made it through. I did get them to give me a prescription for the local cream to numb the site before next week's blood draw, but won't see the doc until Tuesday a.m. I'll ask about the Ambien then.

I am still finding it disconcerting to wake up at the end of treatment and find it's 5:00 when it seems like it should be before lunchtime!

Can't tell you how much I appreciate all of your love and concern. It helps so much! So I thank you from the bottom of my heart.