21 November 2008

Fabulous Fantastic Friday

Sounds like a great way to start the day, don't you think? DD#2 is still home sick today. I hope she will be feeling better soon, but she is still coughing a lot. Unless something changes, Mom will be moving to rehab this morning. And at noon I have an appointment with the surgeon. My port site is still red and puffy. I'm on Levoquin, so I am hoping the doc won't think I need any IV antibiotic. But if so, better to find out today than have to go to ER on the weekend!

This morning I want to do prep work for Ina's Chive Risotto Cakes so that we can have them for dinner tonight. They are one of our Barefoot Bloggers extra recipes this month and I have been anxious to try them. Sally got the ingredients for me at Fresh Market on Wednesday. When I gave her my list, I just said I needed Fontina cheese. Now my sister is not a foodie, but in true sisterly love, she called me from the cheese counter at the market and wanted to know did I want generic Fontina, Danish aged Fontina, Danish fresh Fontina or Italian Fontina. How cool is that?

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