17 November 2008

Chocolate Fiesta available online

I have wound up sleeping nearly all day, but did talk with my Mom before she left for the hospital. She was in good spirits and anxious to get this problem fixed. Her surgery got delayed for an hour or two as the docs decided they wanted to have her typed and crossmatched before starting the procedure. My sister will call me as soon as she knows something.

When I woke up and started perusing the dish board, I was happy to see that Chocolate Fiesta is now available for order. The HLC Outlet is offering a free fruit bowl with each place setting. The place setting and mini disc pitcher are all that are available now, but I did order some dishes. Am anxious to see this colour and hope it is not too dark.

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Mother Jones, RN said...

Wow, the new Fiesta dishes look like they are made out of Hershey's Chocolate. Yummy.


Becky said...

I hear from trusted sources that they are darker than they look in this photo. As soon as they arrive I will make some pics with Amberstone for comparison.