05 January 2009

12th Night...

began today at Sunset. We will have a 12th Night dinner, though not as much of a feast as we would if I were well. Tomorrow morning breakfast will be the first King Cake of the season. And then we would normally start undecorating. This year will be a little different. DD#2 has to start back to school. I have an early morning doctor appointment. I think I'm going to get the housekeeper to start the undecorating and I will work on it after I get home tomorrow.

12th Night Dinner Menu

Avocado Slices with Lime Juice

Lemon Garlic Turkey Tenderloin
Green Beans Almondine
Rogue Creamery New Potatoes
Green Shutters Carrots

Pecan Pie

Prosecco, Water, Coffee

I've been reading for days on different blogs and message boards about people being so glad Christmas is over, that their decorations are put away (I really don't get taking things down on 26 Dec), etc. And I've been somewhat saddened by that. American marketeers have really done their job well. They've convinced most people to start thinking about Christmas while Halloween stuff is still in the stores. It's no wonder people get tired of it.

At our house we never ever put out any decorations before Thanksgiving. If we are at the farm we don't cut the tree until Christmas Eve or a day or two before. And the Christmas season ends on 12th Night.

Christmas, we now bid you adieu. Welcome Carnival!
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Southerncook said...

I LOVE the fact that you welcome in CARNIVAL with all the beautiful Christmas decorations still up!!!!! And your twelth night menu sounds fabulous.

Ordinarily I would be doing the same but as you know I have a wedding coming up and I HAD to move on. Enjoy your celebration Becky, and your King Cake.


Martha said...

Becky, the secular holiday is as retailers would have it -- from just after Halloween until December 26 -- true Christmas is really just before December 25 and lasts until Twelfth Night.

Unfortunately, too many people celebrate the secular retailer form of Christmas!


Becky said...

Carolyn, thanks. My housekeeper had family issues and wasn't able to come this week. Therefore our decorations are still up. We should be able to get them put away in the next few days, though.

I totally understand with having to get ready for the wedding. That is going to be so wonderful.

Martha, that is what saddens me - the retail Christmas. School always seems to start back before 12th night, too.