05 January 2009

Ruling Day 11

5 January: Day 11 - Rules for November
The Forecast is for a start around 50°, then maintaining around 45° with clouds, rain, thunderstorms and flash flooding..
Sunrise 6:54 AM, Sunset 4:50 PM, Day Length 09:56
Moonrise 11:46: AM, Moonset 12:51 AM tomorrow

AM: Cloudy, grey skies and rain, 47° at 7:00a.
Midday: Cloudy, grey skies and rain, 45° around 12:30P.
Afternoon: Steady light rain. 45° around 3:00p.
Evening: Some thunderstorms and lots of rain. 43° @ 7:30p. Flash flood warning.

November should be pretty much the same temperature throughout the month, getting just a tad cooler as the month progresses. Lots of grey skies and rain with storms and flooding toward the end.

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