25 January 2009

Aggravation, aggravation

Honestly, as much as I try to be in a zen state of mind, sometimes I get aggravated beyond belief. I'm trying to catch up with Barefoot Blogging and do this week's Weekend Herb Blog.

To do the Barefoot Blogging, I need to bake Ina's Easy Sticky Buns, from her new Back To Basics cookbook. So I got everything prepared up to opening up the puff pastry and rolling it out. (I'd taken the package out of the freezer last night to thaw.) So I opened it up and what do I find??? The pastry is all molded!

How disgusting. Now I've got to turn off the oven and wait for a new box to thaw. (Already checked. The new box looks fine.)

Never have I had puff pastry be molded before. It has totally thrown off my cooking plans. This was supposed to be breakfast and was running later than I intended anyway. (I love my housekeeper, and she's spent the last two weeks thoroughly cleaning the kitchen. Not much is back where I normally keep it, so I have to look for things as I go.)

I think I will start on the Olive Oil Cakes that are to be the Fennel Pollen dessert for the Weekend Herb Blog. After I have a cup of coffee and relax for a few.

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