11 January 2009

Whew! I need to rest.

Who knew supervising could be so tiring? LOL. Starting around noon today began a marathon of cleaning out part of the garage, packing away and putting up all the Christmas decorations, and getting down the Mardi Gras and St. Patrick's Day dishes.

Mike was (and still is) doing the garage stuff. I supervised and did some of the Christmas stuff. DD#2 and Mike are moving Christmas things go the attic and getting down the dishes for the other holidays. In my next house, the attic is going to be in the basement of a house that is built into the side of a hill so that everything is on one level! The basement will be in the hill with the house in front of it. This sounds like a much better storage arrangement. No going up and down stairs or up and down a pull-down stair. Mike's knees will like it!

I'm so glad to get all this done before the housekeeper gets back tomorrow. I really missed having her here last week. And I'm anxious to start playing with the dishes for fun table settings for the spring.

In between all that supervising, I made a grocery list because my wonderful sister volunteered to go grocery shopping for me. She is a treasure because she will go to Fresh Market and Publix, just like I do. Other people around here seem to think it is rather strange to go to more than one grocery store in a trip. And I am resting because I have to put away the food that comes back.
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Cora (Cora Cooks) said...

I am crazy about the idea of a basement built behind the house into a hill! Pure genius!

Becky said...

Thanks Cora! I've been loving this idea too and am looking forward to the day.