15 January 2009


It was a turning point for humanity when early humans learned how to tame and use fire. Some people say that was the single most important discovery our species ever made. I love to grill out, cook with a gas stove, sit in front of the fireplace with good book, have campfires in the summer for toasting marshmallows and other things along those lines. When used like that, fire is a good thing, tamed for us to use.

But even today, fire is not always tamed and can burn out of control. Abbey's apartment building is a U-shape with the U surrounding a courtyard and pool. Abbey's apartment doors open to the pool. It's not a huge courtyard, perhaps 100' across. Tonight the apartment directly across the pool from her caught on fire. Abbey was home and DD#2 was over there with her.

It is our coldest day in six years and the girls, (with Sophie) evacuated and were outside in the cold for a while. The fire department responded quickly. Abbey's apartment is fine, but I don't know about the two that connect to the one that was on fire or the ones above those. Firemen had to knock holes in the exterior walls and then tear out some interior walls to get all the flames put out. But they have let the residents return to their apartments.

This is very scary to I, the Mom, and their Papa. The girls are both there and keeping an eye on things. DD#2 will be back over here to spend the night. I would actually be happier if Abbey stayed over here tonight, too. But as she says, the fire department would probably not have let the residents go back in if there was any perception of more fire danger. I will be watching the news tonight to see if they say anything about a cause or not.

So I want to say a huge thank you to all fire fighters everywhere. It's a dangerous job and I am grateful for the men and women who serve in this capacity.

ETA: According to the news four apartments are uninhabitable, but there were no injuries. The cause is still under investigation. Thank goodness no one was hurt.
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Mary said...

Becky, I'm glad your girls are fine. Rest assured the fire department would not let her stay if there was any potential danger. Sometimes it's hard to be a Mother. They're all grown up but when stuff happens we tend to see them at their most vulnerable. Hugs.....Mary

~M said...

Wow! What a horrible thing to happen. I'm so glad your daughters are safe. It's totally normal to worry about your daughters..even IF they're grown adults now :)