31 January 2009

Creative Use of Leftovers

So I had made Roasted Salmon with Smoked Paprika Glaze and Baby Greens with Mango and Marinated Onions for dinner and the two dishes really complemented one another well.

Both recipes made more than 3 people could eat for one meal, so for lunch the next day I decided to turn these into a main dish salad. First I put together the salads in deep plates. Then I broke up some of the smoked paprika salmon over the top. This was so good that I've made it a number of times since.

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Ces said...

Oh wow. This is something I never thought about but what a great idea. I love salmon and I love mangoes. I need to try this Becky. Thanks.

I just bought my Ivory place setting. I am so behind my Fiesta colors. I finally got Heather, Evergreen, Chocolate and Ivory.

Becky said...

Ces, this makes such a lovely lunch or supper. Since the first time when I did it from leftovers, I've often just done the salmon and the salad fresh to serve it this way. Do give it a try. The mango juxtaposed with the smoked paprika salmon is just TDF. This has to be one of our favourite main dish salads now.

Would you believe that I have still not bought any evergreen? It is just so close to juniper that I haven't been inspired to get it.