13 January 2009

Tuesday medical update

The good news is my platelet count was 11. While that is still incredibly low for normal people, if it's above 10 I don't have to be transfused. And as I had my last transfusion on Friday and platelets only last a few days, I may be making a few of my own. My red count was also holding, so I didn't need to get those today either.

The bad news is my whites were still only 0.1. I got another Neupogen shot today and am scheduled to get one tomorrow and another on Thursday. Also on Thursday I get labwork done and see the doc again. We'll know from those tests whether or not I will need transfusions. AND whether or not the white count is coming up or not. Please think good thoughts for them to multiply exponentially. I'm keeping my fingers crossed!

The home health nurse came by a little after noon to change the bandage on my picc line and flush it. She says the site is looking great. Can't tell you all how happy that makes me! I'd rather deal with having to get the picc line flushed every day and the bandage changed twice a week in order to avoid being stuck with needles. I my picc line.

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Mary said...

Hey, girl. You've had a little good news. I'm sending prayers and healing vibes your way. I'm rooting for you! I like fighters and you surely are one.

RainbowDishes said...

Excellent news about the platelets! And yes picc lines are miracles! You are still in my thoughts and prayers! Continue the good work!