03 January 2009

Dishes make me happy

Some of you may know this. I've been collecting Homer Laughlin dinnerware since 1985 and I still find pieces of vintage Harlequin and Fiesta to purchase today. But I am not a purist. I have collected vintage colourware from other potteries, too. One thing I have not done is purchase much in the way of new dinnerware, other than the current line of Post-86 Fiesta. I have somehow managed to bring lots of that home.

Then I saw a Krinkles cakestand with red feet and I was hooked.

Those red feet MADE me buy this. I don't have it out and use it all the time, but sometimes it is just the thing, as it was for our New Year's Day Paris-Brest.

Then I found out that Krinkles made a Halloween version.

I'm already looking for appropriate recipes! And the nice thing is that both of these cake stands go great with p-86 Fiesta colours!

Dishes make me happy.
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Just Dishes said...

Those cake plates / stands are just too cool. You find some of the neatest things. Ever thought about becoming a personal shopper. :)

Becky said...

LOL. If only I had time to be a personal shopper. The red footed cake stand is discontinued now, but the witch one is still available. There are cupcake holders to match the one with the red feet. I should have made a photo of those too. That set goes great with Scarlet Fiesta.

Kelly said...


Mary said...

Those cake stands are TOO cute!

Elaine E said...

I love shoes.... I especially love sassy RED shoes. I didn't think it could get better than that, til I saw your cake stand and I realized that you could have sassy red shoes, topped with oh, say a three layer red velvet cake.

It's like taking Ms. Bea and adding decadent dessert.