20 January 2009

Tuesday - Inauguration Day

Oh Happy Day, Oh Happy Day! Even though medically things are not doing as well as I would like, this is one of the happiest days I have experienced in quite some time. The Inauguration was fabulous. I am so anxious for new plans to be put in action and the new direction for our country. "and crown Thy good with Brotherhood, from sea to shining sea".

I have an official invitation to the Inauguration, but there was no way I could go. And as my cousin mentioned on Facebook, I had a much better view and watching on our big screen TV had a much warmer, more comfortable venue.

In a couple of hours I go get another Dacogen treatment. That shouldn't take too long and nothing hurts. I'll plan to take my laptop with me. Makes a good lap heater, if nothing else. LOL.

Yesterday I played with dishes and made a number of photographs. I haven't done that in a while and it was so much fun. The D90 is a great camera and I even got to use my new Nikkor 155 micro lens. Those were to send in for a magazine article, but I have lots more ideas and may do some more today just for me. Have I mentioned dishes make me happy?
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Anonymous said...

Hi Becky,
I am praying for you. I know how awful the bone pain can get and how frustrating having counts go down can be. I really would like to see those dr. reports about neutropenic diets. I really am frustrated about no fresh anything to eat. I am a person who likes her veggies raw and fruit fresh. I hope your counts go up and you get to feeling better.

Becky said...

Peggy, I asked my doc about this. He said because we have two different diseases they present in different ways and require different treatments, even though we sometimes have the same symptoms. When my counts drop so badly, it is usually because of the treatments and we expect them to go back up afterwards. That is not always the case with your disease.

My doc and his PA are both from Florida. Although I couldn't get the doc's name who started some of the studies, you might be able to start looking there.

I am also keeping you in my thoughts and prayers.