01 January 2009

Ruling Day 7

1 January: Day 7 - Rules for July
The Forecast is for a very cold start in the 20s, then a high around 50° with sunshine.
Sunrise 6:53 AM, Sunset 4:47 PM, Day Length 09:54
Moonrise 9:53 AM, Moonset 9:45 PM

AM: Blue skies, sunshine and very cold. 21° at 6:00a.
Midday: Blue skies, sunshine and 43° at noon.
Afternoon: Blue skies, sunshine and 49° around 3:00p.
Evening: Some clouds coming in and 44° @ 7:30p.

July and still no rain. The first week should be much cooler than normal, but it looks like I will still need to be watering. Lots of summer sunshine. I think I will plan to be catching lots of rays during the first two months of summer.

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Kristen said...

I was just looking at The Old Farmer's Alamanac the other day for weather predictions!

Hope today finds you feeling well!

Happy New Year Friend!

Becky said...

Thanks so much Kristen. I've felt pretty good, but somewhat tired today. And I had a lovely time with Abbey & Donnie and our seafood feast tonight.

I just love all the gardening lore and find the ruling days to have been uncannily accurate for our weather since I've been tracking them.

Hope you and Jim have the happiest of new years, too!