16 January 2009

Friday Evening Medical Update

The good news is my Mom came through surgery fine and has now gone home with my sister. Apparently this type of surgery to stabilise a compression fracture is now considered an outpatient procedure. Mom is still pretty sore, but just as glad to not have to stay in the hospital.

I had to get out in the 5°F weather this morning to go get Neupogen and Neumega shots. Then I came home and spent most of the day in bed. These drugs to stimulate the bone marrow cause bone pain. That translates to feeling like I have a horrible case of the flu. Everything aches. Zyrtec and Tylenol help some, but I won't be doing any cheerleading anytime soon. The home health nurse came by today to change my picc line bandage. She says it is still looking great. That makes me happy!
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Hilary said...

Hi Becky:

I'm happy to read that your mother is home and her surgery went well. My mother has a compression fracture in her back from a fall two and a half years ago. She always has pain, but recently it has gotten so bad that she can't get out of bed or walk. She is in a rehab place as a result of a recent hospital stay for Congestive Heart Failure and for her to regain her strength by PT. I'm curious..........what type of surgery did your mother have? Was it some sort of cement surgery?

I hope that your shots today do elevate your blood counts. Sorry that you are so achy!


Mary said...

Becky, hope you are feeling better today and that your bone marrow is responding to those awful drugs!