23 January 2009

To quote Jimmy Buffet...

It's a rag top day! I love my convertible! I do. Today it's supposed to be breezy, partly cloudy with a high in the mid-60s. I will be driving top down and enjoying every moment of it. Absorbing the atmosphere, catching whatever rays are available, playing Jimmy on the iPod, and just living in the now.

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Ms. Val said...

We've been enjoying some nice convertible in the Phoenix area, too. Other than some early morning rain yesterday, I have had the top down on the Mustang whenever I drive it.

Convertible weather in January seems so wrong, but we'll take it whenever we can.

Becky said...

Yes, I take top down days whenever I can get them! I've been paying attention ever since I got a convertible in 2003 and I've had an amazing number of January days when I could ride with the roof open.