30 January 2009

Friday night medical update

So with my latest blood tests, my red counts are holding. This is good. My neutrophils did drop to 0.0 on the actual count, but I'm still showing a tiny percentage, so I'm not too upset about that. I'm visualising lots of neutrophils reproducing and filling my bloodstream. All those white knight white cells, too. My platelets were down to 12, so I had to get a transfusion of those this morning. I was able to go at 8:30 and my platelets were already there. YEA! I'm really glad I could get them early. Of course, the Benadryl made me sleep all the rest of the day after I got home. But I'm awake now. And am hoping to continue feeling good enough to cook over the weekend.

I definitely cannot eat sushi till the neutrophils increase. And I shouldn't eat raw veggies if they are not ones that I have cleaned carefully at home. The surgeon has released me and the port site has finally healed. No more having to clean and bandage that every evening. Something that's been going on since the first of November. It takes a long time to heal when you have no white count! On balance, I would say the week is going well. And it helps that all my friends are visualising neutrophils along with me.

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Mary said...

Becky, I'm so glad you're pleased with the reports. Take care. I'll be back in March. Mary

Becky said...

Mary thank you so much! I hope you have the most wonderful time. Find lots of great new recipes and make tones of pics.

Happy Trails!